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EVE News Galore! – Recap July 21 2015


The last couple of days have seen a fair few events occur in the world of New Eden. And they’ve all been compiled here for easy viewing. Enjoy!

Discounts On Selected Frigate Skins In The New Eden Store!

A series of skins have been discounted in the AUR store for a short time. The full list includes:

The following SKINs will be on sale for discounts that vary between 30% and 50%:

  • Vigil Krusual SKIN (Permanent)
  • Tormentor Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Magnate Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Inquisitor Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
  • Executioner Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
  • Crucifier Kador SKIN (Permanent)
  • Kestrel Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)
  • Atron InterBus SKIN (Permanent)
  • Tristan Inner Zone Shipping SKIN (Permanent)

In addition to this, for a limited time, the “Sanctuary” SKIN bundle will also be on sale at a discounted price.
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Alliance Tournament XIII Prize Changes

CCP have announced changes to the PLEX prize pool for this years AT. The changes are as follows:

Greetings prize seeking Capsuleers

I’m pleased to announce two changes to the prizes for Alliance Tournament XIII

Firstly, as we received an extremely large number of PLEX from the silent auction this year, we are increasing the PLEX prizes for reaching the top 32 and top 16 by 5 PLEX each.

Teams that place between 17th and 32nd will receive 10 PLEX (up from 5 PLEX)

Teams that place in the top 16 will receive 20 PLEX (up from 15 PLEX)

Secondly, due to the new skinning system, the Battleship prize SKIN has been replaced with a Sansha SKIN license that can be applied to all Sansha ships (excluding the tournament prize ships). The number of SKINs awarded per series won will remain the same at 10 per series.

Alliance Tournament XIII kicks off on August 15th, with the finals taking place on August 30th. You can watch the first weekend on ISD’s channel, and the second and third weekends on CCP’s channel.

And remember: the best ship, is championship.
SP Gift for downtime awarded

The gift of 1 days training time (50,000 SP) has been granted to all players with active training queues during downtime recently. Most reports show the SP going to the character with the most SP on the account, so check there first. And use the free gift wisely.

Fozziesov Primer with TMC

Lazarus Telraven recently put out an excellent stream teaching newbros about the mechanics of the new SOV system, and everyone needs to see it. Check it out below:

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