How to manage your inventory in Stoneshard

How to manage your inventory in Stoneshard

Just like in any other RPG, in Stoneshard players will have to deal with managing their inventory. Your inventory in Stoneshard has fifty slots in total. Each of the items in Stoneshard takes up space according to their size. Luckily smaller and more important items like healing potions take up a single slot, that way you can keep the whole mess organized. Of course, larger items like armor take up much more space. This is the primary way that Stoneshard keeps the player from being way too wealthy or powerful. With all that taken into consideration, we figure some players could use a guide on how to manage your inventory in Stoneshard.

The best way to keep your inventory in check is to not pick up too much junk. That seems obvious to veteran gamers and RPG fans, but you would be surprised how many people fall into the trap of hoard by picking up every item they find. The simple fact of the matter is that most of the weapons and armor you find in Stoneshard won’t be worth all that much to you.

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Spend some time with the loot you find, and think about whether it’s actually useful for your character. A big part of managing inventory in Stoneshard is understanding the value of your items in both a monetary and utilitarian sense. If you’re not going to use an item at all, it might not be worth picking up.

Keep an eye out for any duplicates of existing items that you have picked up as well. There’s no use carrying around 4 swords that are worth the same as one piece of armor. And at a certain point, you will be more concerned with collecting healing items or scrolls rather than improving your armor through loot drops.

Unique items like disenchantment scrolls, identification scrolls, lockpicks, and coin purses only take up single slots, that way it makes sense to keep a bunch of these on you at all times. After all, you’re going to need to keep yourself alive to actually play the game.

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