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Epic Games Store adds Humble account linking and cloud saves

Epic Games Store

Epic games has just dropped the details of its newest platform update,  its August feature update includes cloud saves for games on the Epic Games store, Humble Bundle keyless integration, and a new product page design. This joins the list of additions that PC gamers want to see on the storefront, but are stuck waiting for, like a functioning shopping cart.

The biggest change here is the Humble integration, which means that when Epic Games and Humble accounts are linked, games on the store can be bought from Humble without needing to use keys or other methods for redemption. This takes out a layer of hassle common on Steam with having to manually enter game keys. It’s a nice addition even if it has a very limited use.

Cloud save support is implemented for 18 games on the service, many of which have also been given away as free titles via the Epic store. Alan Wake is one of these such titles. All Ubisoft games have been supported by cloud saves through Uplay integration from the start, and with Steam also offering the feature for many titles, it feels like Epic is playing catch-up.

One other change is that product pages on the platform have been given a new look. This change should improve release date visibility for upcoming games, and allow for more space for game screenshots and videos.

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Despite this progress on their platform, as well as the free games, Epic has had a rough time trying to bring gamers around to their platform. A lot of critics are rather unsatisfied with both the overall lack of features on the Epic Games Store, but also the methods that Epic has consistently used to bring games into their fold. Namely throwing large amounts of money around.

This tactic has met with a lot of disappointment and resistance, namely from games like Metro Exodus stiffing those who were promised Steam versions by getting the Metro publisher to sign an exclusivity contract with Epic. The same contract which would later be voided by a deal with Microsoft.

So while it’s unlikely that platform updates signal an end to Epic’s strategy of huge trucks of money, it’s still nice to see the system improving.

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