Drifloon Spotlight Hour – Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours - October 2021

Drifloon Spotlight Hour is the first of the new weekly events for October 2021. Drifloon gets its turn in the Pokémon Go Spotlight. Niantic hosts these randomized events weekly, with spawn increases and special rewards like Candy for the highlight monster. This week, it’s the Ghost-type and Flying-type that evolves into Drifblim, the one with the really horrific backstory. Seriously, this thing is made from the lost souls of children and their Pokémon, it’s kind of scary. Anyway, back to the event.

The event lasts one hour, starting at 6 pm local time and ending at 7 pm, in your local time zone. The event runs today October 5th. Every week following that will have a different spotlight hour being fired off. During that time, players can get a 2x bonus to evolution XP, making it easier to evolve into Drifblim. And of course, we get increased spawn rates, which means much more Candy for powerups and Evolution. Lay down lures to increase spawn rates if you really want to farm this.

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Shiny Pokemon appear as well, giving players a rare shot at a shiny variant. These only appear in one out of 450 encounters, so it will take some effort to see one. So if you really like Ghost-types, get ready to play later tonight.

In October, the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is getting spooky with Gothita, Gastly, Drifloon and Murkrow all coming to the fore. We’re also getting a Duskull Community Day later this month.

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