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Kingdom Come: Deliverance teases 1.5 patch, to add new features and fix bugs

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.5 Patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is releasing its version 1.5 patch this week, with the aim to improve performance.

It’s safe to say that the game was a bit of a janky mess on launch, that has improved a bit, but this latest patch is revamping certain aspects of the game to massively improve performance. One aspect being shuffled around relates to the use of system memory by the game. Before this patch, the game remembered every interaction between the game and the player. So memory tended to balloon pretty fast with every NPC interaction, item drop and other change in the game state. Warhorse are fixing this by optimizing the process and removing certain items from the game to reduce the burden.

On top of the bug fixes – of which there are well over 200 – there are also a few new features, including new lore books, a way to access lost loot, and the chance to wash away your sins in churches.

The developer is also looking into releasing modding tools for the game to allow the community to create their own content within Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Daniel Vavra covers all this in the video update below which recaps some of the already added improvements and the future.

You can also peruse the Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1.5 patch notes here, or read about the overall changes and bug fixes below.

New features:

  • Henry can now wash away his sins by buying indulgences in
  • churches.
  • Physically simulated women’s clothing added.
  • We scattered 16 new lore books around the world.
  • Any forgotten or despawned quest items will now be moved to the
  • gravedigger’s chest and the player will be notified via new quest”Lost
  • and Found”.

Fixed issues:

  • Guards no longer drop halberds. All previously dropped halberds
  • deleted. This should fix many performance and camera twitching
  • issues.
  • Several bugs that caused abnormal CPU usage fixed. This should
  • improve performance for many players.
  • Optimized lighting in battles should give the player few more FPS.
  • Several crashes at the beginning of the first two quests fixed.
  • Any remaining issues with going through doors should be fixed.
  • Slow loading of detailed textures after long game sessions fixed.
  • Archery tournament no longer causes inability to save.
  • Infinite fader in archery tournament will no longer appear.
  • Three more activities now have initial map markers.
  • The game now autosaves on completion of most of the quests.
  • The game now consistently autosaves before critical story events.
  • Several helmet shadows added. Should fix any odd shadows of
  • player
  • Many endless faders after dialogues fixed.
  • NPCs now can swap weapons from melee to ranged faster.
  • NPCs now reacts to player aiming at them with a bow and will try to
  • get to him faster, instead of only reacting to being shot at as
  • previously.
  • NPCs being aimed at or shot at will no longer approach the player in
  • a straight line.
  • A bug that prevented the player from talking to Father Godwin in
  • Mysterious Ways fixed.
  • Corrupted autosave at the start of “Homecoming” quest fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to stealth-kill NPCs in narrow spaces without
  • playing the animation.
  • Cages in the quest “A Bird in the Hand…” should no longer disappear.
  • Any players with the quest in progress will have the quest reset.
  • Master Karel now correctly goes to play dice in the evenings. So the
  • player can win all his money in “Rocketeer” quest.
  • Executioner Hermann no longer keeps beating the player
  • unconscious when he is angry.
  • Tutorial for axe and mace master strikes fixed.
  • Miller Peshek can no longer get stuck in lockpicking tutorial.
  • It is no longer possible to lockpick Peshek’s tutorial trunk before
  • starting the tutorial, which was causing the tutorial to fail.
  • Novice Antonius should no longer get stuck after saving while he
  • investigates the blood.
  • Talking to Antonius before passing out from poison no longer ends in
  • infinite fader.
  • When the player is ambushed during fast travel he will be placed
  • much closer to the enemies.
  • Parts of Rattay Rathaus are now properly locked.
  • Killing important NPCs during “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing” quest now
  • properly fails the quest.
  • Erik now has lower RPG stats and is easier to persuade. This should
  • make the achievement/trophy Freud easier to achieve.
  • The player can no longer evade some crimes by being mounted on a
  • horse.
  • Knocking out Margaret during “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing” can no longer
  • break the quest.
  • Killing the scouts near the mines before “The King’s Silver” quest no
  • longer causes infinite fader in that quest.
  • Loading the autosave from “The King’s Silver” quest will no longer skip
  • one of the cutscenes in that quest.
  • Final skirmish in “Robber Baron” quest no longer fails to start.
  • The player no longer has the option to fix the leg of one of the
  • wounded if the wounded NPC is dead, which cause the game to
  • freeze.
  • It is no longer possible to drop off the horse in “Run!” quest when the
  • player skips the cutscene.
  • Encouraging Procopius to have his tooth pulled now works even when
  • the player has “Rocketeer” quest started.
  • Objective now properly fails and gives more information in the journal
  • in “The House of God” quest when the player doesn’t meet Zmola at
  • the scaffolding.
  • “Gallows Brothers” quest can now be properly finished even when the
  • player steals the money in Talmberg.
  • Hidden places in the monastery where the player could access his
  • horse inventory removed.
  • NPCs should no longer sink into terrain on collision in Rattay.
  • It is now always possible to knock on the bathhouse door in the “Next
  • to Godliness ” quest.
  • Saving the game while carrying a corpse no longer makes NPCs see
  • the corpse even after the player drops it.
  • Fritz and Matthew are no longer frightened by corpses during “A Rock
  • and a Hard Place” quest.
  • Any successful transaction now slightly raises reputation with traders
  • based on the transaction amount – only up to 75 reputation.
  • Ambushers now carry torches at night.
  • The player is now officially allowed to hunt in the forest after being
  • named Master Huntsman.
  • The probability of ambush by just one stronger opponent is now much
  • higher.
  • It is no longer possible to kill your opponents in “Chumps” minigame
  • without triggering crime.
  • There should be more chatter dialogues between NPCs about the
  • deeds the player did.
  • And 200 other bugs fixed.

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