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Doom Eternal has been delayed into 2020

DOOM Eternal Battle Mode Trailer 2

In a somewhat surprising announcement, it looks like Doom Eternal has been delayed into 2020. This means that the game is now due to come out March 20, 2020, pushing it several months past its original due date. Doom Eternal was initially set to launch on November 22, and id has always wanted to deliver a good game, and it appears as though the shooter just needed a little more time to get things right. Doom Eternal is a pretty expansive sequel, offering plenty of new gameplay refinements and new content that obviously need to the be polished if they’re going to be well-received.

As such, it looks like the developer recognizes that new and improved systems take time to perfect, so they are taking that extra time. The team has also decided to spin off some planned features as post-launch content. The invasion Mode is getting this treatment. Invasion Mode is a new feature that will drop in a player as a playable demon to someone else’s game. The newly added asymmetrical multiplayer Battle Mode is still intact, and it’s nice to see that. The added Battle Mode is a pretty massive addition, and the added load of developing it should be balanced with other needs. And even before this delay happened, the game looked pretty good, showing off improved visuals and a much deeper gameplay loop.

There is a bit more bad news though, mostly concerning certain ports and some other stuff. The port of Doom Eternal for the Nintendo Switch has been pushed too, making it a rather uncertain prospect, as a release date for the Switch version has not been announced, expect more news about that soon. And speaking of releases, the new release date has seen the redo of Doom 64 coming out on that same day in March. Doom 64 will be ported to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and will be a pre-order addition to all Doom Eternal purchases.

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