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id has more to share about DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode

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QuakeCon 2019 is under way, and now DOOM fans are getting more of what they want, demons and bloodshed. Id has announced a bunch more details about the big new mainline game in the shooter franchise, DOOM Eternal. This new game offers a lot of new and returning elements, with one of the big draws being the multiplayer modes. In particular, there’s a lot of focus on the Battlemode.

Battlemode is being billed as a competitive mode where teams will take on the roles of either Demons or Marines in a new take on asymmetrical multiplayer. The battle is broken down into phases with one team ultimately trying to take down a super-powered version of the last survivor from the other team. So it could come down to Doomguy fighting alone against a tide of powerful demons. The game mode has multiple unique maps, with a roster of demons that offer their own unique abilities. Id also plans to add more maps and abilities over time.

Each class has their own unique perks on the Marine side as well. For example, the Slayer is basically the singleplayer version of the main character in Battlemode, but will all the insane weaponry from the main game. On the demon side of things, there’s also some other interesting choices, each echoing an element from the previous games. Players will have the choice of commanding the Pain Elemental (returning from Doom II), the Revenant, the Mancubus, the Archvile (another Doom II addition), and the Marauder.

You can find out more about the new game, and the bloody new Battlemode, in the gameplay presentation down below.

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