How to get out of bunkers in PGA Tour 2K21

How to get out of bunkers in PGA Tour 2K21

Bunkers are a nightmare for golfers. These cavernous pits of sand are something that every golfer tries to stay far away from. The prospect of getting your ball trapped and ruining a hole, and possibly your entire course score, is enough to make bunkers a waking nightmare. But sadly, you won’t always avoid them. So when you do get trapped, there is a strategy to getting out of bunkers, and it works pretty well when trying to get out of bunkers in PGA Tour 2K21.

The type of club you use to get out of bunkers in PGA Tour 2K21 is vital. Irons and drivers just don’t have the force necessary to power through the sand and push a ball out. you need to always use a sand wedge. Make sure to always have one in your bag. Check which clubs are in your bag by using up and down on the d-pad. When you select the club you want, confirm the selection and head out to make your shot.

You always need to plan your shot, and this is even more important in bunkers. Check around the bunker for any other hazards, and be sure to consider how far the ball will travel once you hit it. The closer you are to the green, the more careful you need to be. Too much power will send the ball beyond into the rough or off of the course entirely.  Always check the target location by hitting Y/Triangle to see where the ball will land. The ball will always roll a bit after landing, so set your shot up so that the ball won’t roll past the hole or too close to it, making your putt harder.

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You could also just worry about getting out of bunker and taking the extra stroke to set up a good position on the green afterward. These two approaches work just fine, and your position in the scoring will have to be part of your decision when choosing if you want to take the extra stroke or not.

If you’re pretty far away from the green, it’s not as important to be precise. Just focus on getting the target out of the bunker and onto the course itself. Power is key more than accuracy here, as you want to be as far off the bunker as possible when you land. Try to use the wind speed and direction to your advantage if you can as this will halp carry your ball if you can get it right.

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