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Head into Dark Zones and hunt rogue agents in The Division 2

The Division 2 Dark Zones Trailer

The Division 2 has another new trailer today, courtesy of Ubisoft. And this time, we’re getting another peek inside the dangerous and chaotic Dark Zones, the PvP arenas in the game.

The Division 2‘s Dark Zones will differ a fair bit from the incarnation of these mechanics in the first game. The focus on PvP hybrid gameplay is still there, but the intensity has been turned up to 11. There may be multiple ways in, but there’s only one way out.

The overall design seems to focus on creating a huge challenge geared towards testing player’s abilities to work as a team. To aid with this, there is of course the new Clan system in The Division 2.

The developers have now split the Dark Zone maps into three distinct sections, with each one having their own challenges. Dark Zones are split into three areas. These three PvP areas consist of eastern, western, and southern sectors of Washington D.C. Up to 12 players will be locked inside each area and are expected to fight their way out. Players are expected to “go Rogue” in these areas for the ultimate solo or team challenge. Going Rogue in The Division 2 means you instantly become a target, and in Dark Zones it will be essentially 11 vs. 1. And you want to win these events, because there’s a ton of rewards to reap.

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Dark Zones not only contain special loot caches to snag, there’s plenty of special events, special loot drops and other goodies to be claimed if you can go Rogue here and make it out alive.

But don’t think that PvP is the only dish at this buffet of violence. The plan for post-launch content in The Division 2 includes a mix of all types of gameplay and content. There’s endgame factions to take out, some group-based PvE content, and if you want to learn more about Dark Zones, that’s there too.

Check out this new trailer showing the dangerous Dark Zones down below. If you’re jonesing to play this game like I am, the open beta kicks off this week. So you better load up and get ready. The Division 2 releases March 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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