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Some of the best tools for the aspiring Guild Wars 2 crafter

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If you’re just getting into crafting in Guild Wars 2, there’s a lot to learn. With the amount of items in the game, there are just too many for any sane player to track. So let’s say you want to get into crafting, but want to get through the grind as fast as possible. That’s where some quality of life tools become a godsend. But this guide will cover two tools that are so much more than crafting guides.

GW2 Crafts

The best site on the web for speed-leveling crafting professions. If you want to rush to the top of new crafting recipes, this is what to use. The speed leveling guides for all crafting disciplines tell you exactly what items to buy, even giving you an in-game cost. But that’s not all. This site interacts with the GW2 API to pull your in-game banks and look at their inventory. So if you want to make a shopping list to know exactly what you have, versus what you need to buy, this is the place to go.

GW2 Efficiency

And for everything else, there’s GW2 Efficiency. This website is basically the best thing that the GW2 community has ever had. Just like GW2 Crafts, this site uses the in-game API to handle all of your needs for crafting, gathering and so much more.

And it’s not just for crafting. if you’re into arbitrage on the Trading Post, this tool can help track what items you’re currently invested in. GW2 Efficiency will allow players to search items for spot-checking of prices, then allow you to track their changes throughout the trading day. You can even search for specific items to find gaps in the market where you can flip items more effectively. Be aware that effective arbitrage takes a lot of game knowledge, as what looks like a flippable item might just be someone trying to inflate the sell price of an item. Make sure to check supply and demand before buying into an item, as many items that have high ROI don’t sell at all.

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It gets better too, as you can even use it as a gathering tool to locate hidden gathering nodes for crafting mats. Just click the Gathering button, and then you can sort by the type of nodes you want to focus on. The really cool part is that the website even supplies screenshots for what path to take to the node. So if you prefer to gather mats, this is a great way to track progress in your gathering runs.

GW2 Efficiency Gathering

The GW2 Efficiency site can also track salvage. This adds a much more predictable pathway through inventory management. You can take all the guesswork out of what items to keep, versus what items to salvage, thanks to this tool. Just search an item you want to break down, and the tool will give you the results from using certain salvage kits. Very handy.

GW2 Efficiency can also track dungeon and boss spawns, so your raid groups might want to be clued in if they aren’t already.

So with these two tools in your arsenal, you can get ahead of the competition in GW2. So get out there and start gathering and crafting to your heart’s content.

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