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Control is possibly coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Control could be coming to Xbox Game Pass in February, as suggested by a variety of sources across several outlets online. The tweet from the Xbox Game Pass service is really cryptic, and doesn’t provide any details. The post has led to those over at ResetEra to begin trying to tie the announcement teaser with Remedy’s newest game. The idea is moslty based on a somewhat obscure element of the theme within Control. There’s been a lot of fervor surrounding the game as of late, with rumors of a desire to work on a film adaptation of the sci-fi hit.

As pointed out by Kotaku, fonts are a big part of the game. The title has a variety of thematic tweaks that relate to fonts. Here’s how they described it:

The ubiquity of fonts like these is what gives these parts of the game such a powerful connection to figures of authority, like the government. These are fonts designed to be invisible because people see them so often. Take the font Helvetica, for instance, which is actually used on highway signage in North America. It’s also used in countless other pieces of government correspondence, corporate logos, and bureaucratic correspondence. When you see something written in this typeface, but instead it’s countercultural, subversive or just plain weird, it can feel all the more unnatural.

Last month, Remedy teased that there was a bit of a misinformed rumor floating around online. According to their response, there was “information about Control coming to Xbox Game Pass” floating around, and the developer wished to get ahead of the rumor. Microsoft’s Executive Vice President at Gaming Phil Spencer shared the idea previously, leading to speculation that the game was in fact coming to Game Pass. “I thought Control was really good, it didn’t reach enough people, so I’m glad to see it’s coming in to Game Pass, so hopefully more people play it,” said Spencer, in a livestream last December.

“The Foundation” is one of the two content packs coming to the game as part of its Season Pass, which is also adding a story related to the other major property from Remedy, Alan Wake.

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