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Newest Fortnite patch nerfs The Baller and balances other stuff

Fortnite v8 Patch Notes

A newly released patch to Fortnite has adjusted a contentious option, and players seem a little split on how to respond.

A recently deployed hotfix to The Baller, the rolling sphere of death, reduced it’s health by around 30%, from 300 down to 200. This change has apparently been in the cards for a while now, as Epic has been closely monitoring player feedback on the newly released vehicle, and has been closely watching this particulate weapon of war to see how it would affect the game.

We deployed a hotfix reducing the health of The Baller from 300 to 200.

In the 8.20 patch notes, we said we would add the ability to shoot through the glass of Ballers in a future update. We’ve played with shooting through glass and it didn’t feel like the right solution.

Drop in and let us know what you think!

Epic previously pulled The Baller from the game entirely when it was first launched due to problems with it causing lag and even crashes.

And players are still unhappy with certain aspects of the game. Complaints center on the way in which Epic Games is approaching trying to balance the game modes in their flagship battle royale title. Judging from player feedback, many more competitive players have noticed a clear skill gap between casual and more hardcore gamers, which is always the case, but it seems as though Epic isn’t paying enough attention to these groups separately, leading to a confusing approach to balance in-game.

With Season 9 of the popular shooter title’s post-launch content approaching quick, it will be very interesting to see what new vehicles, if any, Epic introduces. Fortnite has been very lacking in vehicular options for a while now, especially as the Driftboard and X-4 Stormwing were Vaulted at the beginning of this Season. Fans are still hopeful for more content, but they will just have to wait and see what happens.

Fortnite is out now, as both a paid and free-to-play title, for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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