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Crackdown 3 release date and multiplayer details announced

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced

During the x018 event this past weekend, Microsoft has finally revealed the release date for Crackdown 3.

The announcement itself had gamers pretty riled up, but during the course of the event we finally got to see what multiplayer in Crackdown 3 will look like. And for those wondering, the form this new multiplayer mode takes is called Wrecking Zone. In this mode, two teams of five must use massive amounts of weaponry and superhuman speedrunning skills to blast their opponents to bits. And as you would expect, the whole arena in which these battles take place is destructible. It’s a pretty fun idea, and multiplayer is something fans have been wanting for years, so people seem pretty excited.

Crackdown 3 is available for pre-order on the Xbox Marketplace along with digital pre-load right now. Xbox Game Pass users will also get access to open-world title. The game will release for Xbox One and PC on February 15, 2019. You can see the new gameplay trailer for the game down below.

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