How to make Fireworks in Minecraft


Minecraft has a bunch of different items in it. With so many bits and bobs, there’s just so much to do. Weapons and enchantments galore can be found in your various randomized worlds. Players will often find some quite unique ways to combine these items as well. The core game has added tons of new ways to craft items, adding to the fun. Fireworks in Minecraft are tons of fun as well.

These explosive items are a simple cosmetic way to celebrate different events, or just cause chaos. For starters, let’s learn how to make each item. Fireworks are made up of a Firework Star at their core. The firework stars in Minecraft are the core, you need to make one of these for each firework launcher you wish to make.

How to make Fireworks and Firework Stars in Minecraft

To make firework stars, you will need just one dye and one gunpowder. Start by placing the dye next to the gunpowder inside a crafting table. The color of dye you use will impact the color of the explosion.

To make fireworks, you will need one firework star and at least one to three gunpowder, and one paper. Put the paper in the middle slot of a crafting table. The slots directly to the right and underneath the paper should have gunpowder in them. The bottom-left slot should also have the third gunpowder in it if you use one. The Firework Star should go in the slot to the left of the paper. Use the image below if you’re having trouble.

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How to make Fireworks and Firework Stars in Minecraft

Depending on the type of core item used, you can create different effects. Each style of Firework Star can be used in tandem with a certain core item. The other items in the craft all remain the same though. So in the example above, you could combine it with a Diamond to make a nice little trail of sparks.

Here are the items you use in the Firework star to make a certain effect:

Firework Explosion Effect
Diamond Trail effect
Glowstone dust Twinkle effect
Feather Burst effect
Minecraft Head Creeper face effect
Gold nugget Star effect
Fire charge huge ball explosion effect

There are a few different things to remember. Each Firework star can be modified with certain effects. Some dyes can be combined, as can some items. Here are the general tips to remember.

  • Up to eight dyes can be added.
  • One head, gold nugget, feather, or fire charge can be added.
  • Both the diamond and the glowstone dust can be added with any of the other ingredients.
  • Other ingredients must be used alone, and cannot be combined.
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