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Pandemic Legion Kills Rare Super

Ingeeener-Revenant Super

This morning one of the rarest ships in EVE, a Revenant, died at the hands of Pandemic Legion.
The ship was piloted by Ingeneer of Prelium Ultima alliance who are primarily seen around Impass, as shown by the loss taking place in the system of 6E-MOW. The story started earlier this week, when PL noticed the Revenant initially assigning fighters to his Archon, which he would then use to kill enemies roaming around in his system. Last night he was back at it again, but this time camping the Thera WH entrance in his system.

After a lot of debating a plan was hatched, and PL titans where moved in to range. To tackle the Revenant, PL logged off some interdictors on the Revenants POS spot. Ingeneer logged in quickly followed by the PL interdictors. Sure enough, PL bubbles went up, and the Revenant was officially tackled. PL Had a total of six Titans ready to DD volley the Revenant, and they all jumped in. It took only 2 Titans to decide his fate, ”Rekking”the Revenant into a million pieces.

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