How to build the Overseer’s Office in No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky is a very interesting space game. As you explore the galaxy and uncover various unique species, you can experience tons of delightful adventure. Since its release in 2016, No Man’s Sky has had quite an interstellar journey. The game has added a ton of content from its humble beginnings.

As more content was added, the game even added new NPCs to let players explore. Players have various tasks to complete as they open up new storylines. The newest additions of content even added some base building the players could fool around with. You can setup an ever-expanding settlement on your home planet, and add various research items to it. It’s a great goal to reach and it really opens up the game’s potential.

How to build the Overseer’s Office in No Man’s Sky

The Overseer’s Office in No Man’s Sky was added as part of the Pathfinder expansion, giving players new ways to explore and exploit resources. But first, you need to push through a bit of a process. The beginning phase of this process involves expanding your personal holdings. You can’t build the office until you have done a few steps first.

Building The Office

The first building that you can add to your settlement is an Overseer’s office. To make it, you need to build it in three parts. There’s the structure and roof first. You need to separate batches of resources. Use the Terran Manipulator to gather Silicate Powder x210 for the first step. Turn these in to the Drones and get to the second step. Next, gather Ferrite Dust from nearby resource nodes and craft that into Metal Plating x5. Turn that in as well. Finish up by moving on to making the Terminal.

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Hiring the Overseer

The steps for hiring the Overseer and their office must be begun by completing the Expanding the Base mission. This was changed in the Atlas Rises and NEXT updates, so things are a bit different. Over the course of this mission, you will build various items in your new base. Before hiring an Overseer, a Habitable Base must be claimed and a Construction Terminal must have been built.

The blueprint is given upon returning to one’s base after speaking with Artemis’ contact during Ghosts in the Machine (the third Artemis Path mission). You will need to use Chromatic Metal x40 and Carbon Nanotube x1 to make the Terminal.

So what do you get for doing all this? The basic premise is that you can augment your base and character with useful items. These crafted items can be made to open up geology and other professions to find cool stuff. But since you have to build these items, you need the blueprints.

The Overseer gives the following blueprints in order:

  • Glass
  • Storage Containers
  • Science Terminal
  • Weapons Terminal
  • Agricultural Terminal
  • Galactic Trade Terminal
  • Conflict Scanner
  • Geology Cannon
  • Exocraft Terminal
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