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Rogue One writer wants to adapt Control

Control Cinematic Story Trailer

Everyone has their favorite game franchises. Everyone also has their favorite movie franchises too. It’s rare, but every once in a long while a good adaptation that mashes the two together comes along, and delights fans of both game and film. And as such, fans always want to know if they’re favorite game will ever make the jump to the big screen.

And it looks like some people want to post that question about Remedy and their latest sci-fi shooter, Control. The news comes after fans asked Gary Whitta about the concept on Twitter. And after Whitta responded, there was even a bit of tongue-in-cheek response from Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha.

Puha tagged the writer in a reply saying, “let’s talk,” showing his interest in discussing the idea at the least. Fans should take this all with a grain of salt though, as there would have to be studio interest in funding, filming and distribution of the project for it to move anywhere beyond the concept stage.

This isn’t an outright confirmation that we’re getting a movie about Control, but it’s nice to see nonetheless. There’s always a slim possibility of these adaptations happening for video games, but there’s a chance. Who knows, if the Monster Hunter film manages to defy expectations, we could get a Control film as more studios would be looking to option properties for more profit.

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Control was developed in 3 years with a €30 million budget, and though it wasn’t a massive hit, it did OK. “We don’t quite require the same huge lifetime numbers as many other games with bigger development budgets,” CEO Tero Virtala told Games Industry. “Therefore, even though Control didn’t have chart-topping sales right from the get go, we are in a good position with steady sales. We always take the long view here.” Strong sales numbers are an indicator of fan interest, lending some credence to the idea that studios could be interested in further projects within the unique sci-fi universe.

Control is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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