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Chivalry II shows off new Rudhelm map for siege gameplay

Chivalry II Gameplay Trailer

The latest teaser trailer for Chivalry II has just dropped. The developers have also pushed out more details about the gameplay choices that are coming. With more options for classes, and some new maps, there’s tons of fun to be had. Developer Torn Banner Studios has announced that the game is jumping up to 64 players, and are demonstrating that madness on a new Rudhelm map.

With a more urbanized setting, Rudhelm offers a wide range of attack and defense gameplay. The map sees 64 players battling it out within and without a walled medieval city. Players skirmish outside the walls to start, before moving into tight city streets. As one side gains ground on the defenders, expect flash points to develop around the throne room and other key areas.

Chivalry II is taking the lineage of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to a much higher standard. The game has expanded the number of players up to 64—which has much more chaotic potential from the 24 in the last game— and that’s not all. The game has also expanded class choices to a total of 12 choices from various archetypes. There are both short and long-distance melee options, as well as players getting a ton of ranged options too. Combat will likely be just as visceral and bloody as the first game.

The game is due for a pretty wide launch. The game is heading into a crossplay beta for everyone this week. Chivalry II will have a free crossplay open beta from May 27 at 11 AM ET to June 1 at 11 AM ET. During that time players will be able to test out a few maps. The full launch is due next month. Gamers will be able to preload the game during that aforementioned beta, and likely before the launch.

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There is a console release planned for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on June 8. There will also be a PC port that comes out on both Steam and the EGS.

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