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Wolfenstein: Youngblood update adds new missions, enemies, and more

Wolfenstein Youngblood Announced

With the latest update to Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the game has some fun new ways for the anti-fascist in your life to engage in a little harmless digital Nazi takedown. Wolfenstein: Youngblood‘s update 1.0.7 introduces new levels with new objectives, but also increases the difficulty with some unfamiliar enemy types with more exotic weapons. The game is already pretty cool if you’re looking to continue the journey this reborn franchise has been on, but now things are about to get a lot hotter, in a good way.

The patch is pretty straightforward, as the 1.0.7 update fixes some bugs and adds a bunch of shining new content to the game. Da’at Yichud is a name those deeply familiar with the new Wolfenstein titles will recognize. The ancient and secretive society has been featured in a variety of ways with a cache of deadly weapons that offer strange effects to make slaughtering the opposition much more creatively stimulating. These new weapons are front-and-center in this new patch. Also, there’s some new enemy types headed for the battlefield. Among these additions is the Wurmlochsoldat (a teleporting soldier), the Electrodrohne (a Tesla drone), and the Turmhund (a hound with a mounted machine gun turret).

New levels are a bit more complex though, with several new locales to fight through. These new locations – like a Parisian canal level – center around the Treasure Hunt missions. These undertaking see the twins having to collect Treasure Maps from around an enemy-infested zone to try and locate a treasure chamber belonging to the aforementioned Da’at Yichud. Unlocking these hidden troves grants access to new items and other bonuses to the player.

Check it out in the trailer linked below.

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Coming along with said patch is some other content too, not just some spiffy levels and enemies. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is also expanding its repertoire of Nazi-killing implements with a few other changes. Wolfenstein: Youngblood‘s update will also rework some of the in-combat abilities to add some new flair to the action. There’s a Silent Killer ability that allows the player to slip through enemy patrols a bit easier, allowing for some divergent pathways around some threats. Another inclusion is the Resilience ability which increases the overall damage amounts the twins can absorb.

Finally, the developers have also introduced a handful of new skins to drape on your character of choice, find these in the preview image below.

For more information, check out the patch notes.


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