Farming Simulator 22 Trees: The basics of growing and processing lumber

Farming Simulator 22 Trees Guide

You might not think that a game about farming would venture into the lumber industry, but times are different with Farming Simulator 22. Trees are actually a big part of the game now, thanks to an expansion of the crops and items you can grow and make. Forestry is one of several industries that complement the more traditional farming in the game.

You can also do plenty of animal husbandry with animals like pigs and chickens. The number of crops you can grow is huge. But you also have to worry about cultivating fields and fertilizing them. There’s also the added worry of having the right equipment. It’s a lot of work, so Farming Simulator 22 trees tend to be easier to manage.

How long does it take to grow Farming Simulator 22 trees?

The short answer is that most trees take 2.5 years to grow and reach their largest size in Farming Simulator 22.  The only tree that’s commonly shorter in growth time is poplar, which takes 16 months. Now bear in mind that this is in-game time, not real-time.

Here’s a breakdown of the 12 tree types in the game based on how long they take to grow, and how many litres of raw lumber they yield.

  • American Elm: 17 months | 21,000L (these are challenging to log)
  • Birch: 13 months | 2,300L
  • Cypress: 13 months | 500L
  • Downy Serviceberry 7 months | 300L
  • Maple: 12 months | 6,200L
  • Oak: 15 months | 12,000L
  • Pagoda Dogwood: 8m | 600L
  • Pine: 32 months | 6,300L
  • Shagbark Hickory: 20 months | 9000L
  • Spruce: 34 months | 8,200L
  • Stone Pine: 26 months | 14,000L
  • Willow: 8 months | 3,700L

To actually plant trees you need an open plot and tree saplings. They don’t need to be planted in plowed ground, you just need to own the land. Once you have a plot of land, go and buy the seeding attachment for your tractor. You can use the Damcon PL-75, which is found in the Forestry Equipment tab of the store.

Now you need a load of saplings. Look under Objects -> Pallets -> Tree Saplings to find the saplings you can buy. Seasonal variables may affect what versions you can buy, keep that in mind.

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Now that you know how long it takes to raise Farming Simulator 22 trees, you need to know how to process them. There are two primary ways you can handle the raw trees. But first, we need to talk about actually cutting them down. The options you use to cut down the tree will depend on the type of tree you’re growing. Smaller trees cannot be cut down with a harvester machine, only spruce and pine can be cut down using a harvester. All other varieties can be felled using a chainsaw.

Farming Simulator 22

Basics of Processing Trees

The path you take to selling your lumber will depend on how much cash you have on hand. You can fell and haul the logs to a Lumber Yard and sell them pretty easily. One can be found just west of the animal dealer.

Instead, it’s usually better to get your hands on the carpenter’s place and build furniture. This sells for more per load than planks, and it has a lower upfront cost.

The Saw Mill and Carpentry Shop represent the two end-goals of tree processing in FS22. The Saw Mill costs 100K, and the Carpentry Shop costs 60K. The saw can cut the logs into planks, which are OK for making money. These can be built from the construction menu, and can be great as a late-game goal.

The planks can either be sold to a carpentry shop not owned by the player or at the supermarket for some cash. If you happen to own your own shop, you can turn them into furniture to make much more money per pallet.

Both the Saw Mill and Carpentry Shop produce Wood Chips, which then be sold to the Biomass Heating Plant for more than 40K per load. It’s a huge moneyspinner once you get enough wood to process.

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