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Days Gone PC tops Steam best-seller list

Days Gone Goes to PC

It has been two years since the launch of PS4 zombie shooter, Days Gone, and somehow it’s now charting on Steam. Days Gone PC just launched on the PC games storefront this week and has rocketed into first place in terms of sales.

The effort came out originally on PS4 to lukewarm reviews from critics and has found new life. I’ll bet Bend Studio and PlayStation Studios are pretty happy about the much more positive reception on Steam. With more than 4,000 reviews at the time of writing, the reviews cite a genuine look and feel improvement for the game on PC. The story of Deacon trying to outlive the chaos of the Freakers and the dregs of humanity plays pretty smooth on PC, and the story is still pretty engaging.

And if you want to get deeper into PlayStation Studios’ catalog, the PlayStation Studios page has a sale running on Steam. The likes of Horizon Zero DawnGuns Up!Everybody’s Gone and more are all on sale.

The weekly sales chart on Steam puts Days Gone in the first slot for sales, for the week of May 18. Mass Effect Legendary Edition came in at second place, after coming out later in the week. BIOMUTANT came out on Steam on the same day as Mass Effect, and took the number 3 slot. Resident Evil Village has still managed to bring out a respectable number, coming in at number 4. But that doesn’t mean it’s only new games on the list.

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Surprise entries on the sales ranks include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition and Red Dead Redemption 2, two games that continue to sell like crazy. CDPR is probably pretty happy that their best game continues to sell. And not to be forgotten, the worst game CDPR has ever put out in Cyberpunk is all the way down to number 10. It feels pretty fitting that the game the company lied about is being outsold by a game that was just as busted on launch.

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