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Wreckfest pushes new content and fixes in latest patch

Wreckfest receives free update

So Wreckfest, that highly detailed and addictive racing sim with soft-body physics and tons of smashing of cars, yeah you know it. It just launched on consoles today from THQ Nordic and developer Bugbear Entertainment. With this launch, comes a bevy of new content and some various other bits and bobs in a new patch.

With this update, there’s a heap of new content to smash together in a glorious festival of destruction. With a handful of new maps and vehicles, players will have plenty to take onto the track in the various smash-em-up game modes in Wreckfest. Most of these can be unlocked by playing through the career and a few other game modes, so get the pedal to the metal.

And speaking of game modes, the developers have shoveled in a few updates on that front as well. The team has patched in several new career events and challenges for all the new tracks and vehicles, letting gamers get a handle on all the new stuff.

And of course, this patch also introduces some non-gameplay changes and fixes too. For the console release, menu structures and layouts have been tweaked to reduce clutter. And in-game, visual effects have been improved as well. The PC version even got some love with general performance improvements and better loading times. By combining these changes with a bundle of bugfixes, Bugbear was even able to reduce the overhead for multiplayer servers, making the game cheaper to host.

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Check out the full patch notes down below.

Four new tracks and one new derby arena:

  • Clayridge Circuit
  • Deathloop
  • Northfolk Ring (with 2 routes)
  • Dirt Devil (Speedway)
  • Dirt Devil (Derby Arena)

Five new vehicles:

  • Venom (Career reward vehicle)
  • Stretch Limousine
  • Couch car
  • Motorhome
  • Semi Truck

New Career events:

  • Several new career events and challenges for all new tracks and vehicles
  • Check each Championship for new events – for example the first championship (Regional Juniors) now has the couch Car challenge to unlock this vehicle

Game improvements:

  • New paint jobs for most vehicles
  • Matchmaking now features quick match for event types
  • Server browser UI improved
  • Server lobby UI overhauled
  • Garage usability improved for car and upgrade selections
  • New daytimes for many tracks
  • Career menu visually improved
  • Multiplayer: Bots now get auto-kicked also during races, if a human player takes their slot
  • New loading screens for every map

Performance improvements:

  • Overall game performance increased especially for older PCs
  • Multiplayer better optimized for poor connections and PCs
  • Drastically reduced loading times for all maps
  • Server side: hardware and bandwidth demands reduced


  • Various smaller bugfixes

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