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Fear of the Dark Halloween event begins in Red Dead Online

Fear of the Dark for Red Dead Online Begins

The PC launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 is just around the corner, but that certainly will not have stopped Rockstar from pushing out content for the beloved console ports of the cowboy-them-up. The game has been focusing almost entirely on pushing the Red Dead Online mode, and it’s easy to see why. The sheer volume of money that’s been fired at Rockstar and Take-Two through GTA Online has been nothing short of staggering, so they clearly want a repeat of that with this game too.

To that end, the developer has been steadily introducing new content to the online mode, both in terms of new gameplay additions, but also dropping in cosmetics and events too. The latest of these additions is a Halloween-themed event that’s beginning just in time for the spookiest night of the year. This event headlines with the Fear of the Dark as a new game mode.

Fear of the Dark borrows heavily from the hunter-killer modes of GTA Online. One group of players takes on the role Night Stalkers, and are given supernatural speed and strength to give them an edge over their foes. The other team are given the mortal Hunters role, and are tasked with exterminating the Night Stalkers. The key to victory for the Hunters lies in several skull masks dotted around the game map. When a Hunter claims one of these masks, they gain a slight increase in power, while the Night Stalkers become comparatively weaker. If the Hunters collect enough masks, they will have a much easier time of eliminating their prey.

Fear of the Dark mode for Red Dead Online is live now, and will run through to November 12th. Players will also get a bonus to Gold rewards and twice as much RDO$ for playing this mode until November 3rd. The big reward for playing the mode during this launch week though is to gain access to a special tint of the Freak Mask. The Freak Mask is one of many cosmetic items in the online portion which is given to players through the various leveling systems as a special reward. Reaching Tier 10 of the Outlaw Pass unlocks this unique reward. Those who reach Tier 20 will receive the Horror Mask. Other masks like the  Swine Mask and  Masquerade Mask are available to Traders and Collectors respectively.

Rockstar also announced other updates coming alongside the new game mode. A new event quest that has players hunting down a new quarry for special rewards is now live. Players should head over by Thieves’ Landing to hunt down New Legendary Bounty Tobin Winfield, Various in-game clothes such as the Thacker Hat, Torranca Coat, Manstilla Ponch, Cresswell Shirt, Tobacco Hat and many more are on deal this week. Head over to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalog to snap these and other snazzy items up.

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