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First gameplay footage for Planet Zoo released

Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments has become well-known in the circles of gamers who enjoy simulation titles. From their expansive space sim Elite: Dangerous to the more down-to-Earth Planet Coaster,  the company has produced a line of great titles with tons of appeal to genre fanatics. And now, with the upcoming release of their newest game, the developer is set to take things in a new and wild direction.

Planet Zoo is a bit of a departure from similar titles by Frontier, offering a similar but very distinct gameplay loop and overall style compared to something like Planet Coaster. Fans of the latter can obvious expect the incredibly modular customization and building system to be in the former, but the plan is to massively expand on it. After all, how can you accurately represent the majesty of the animal kingdom unless you go for grandeur.

The game will include a wide array of species and tools to recreate their habitats, and the overall placement and care of these animals is vital to running a profitable park.

The detail is all there too, as players will have to design and manage habitats for all of the creatures in captivity, as well as maintaining facilities for park guests. This looks like we’re going to see a fusion between Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution, just with less of packs of Raptors eating park goers. Frontier even included realistic physics for poop, because they’re weird like that. Although if you’re going for a realistic simulation of running a zoo, dealing with that is a common challenge.

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Planet Zoo is in development for PC and is slated for a November 5th release, check out the latest gameplay of the park sim down below, direct from E3 2019.

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