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When Does Star Wars Eclipse Release?

When Does Star Wars Eclipse Release?

At The Game Awards 2021, we got a preview of many new and upcoming video games. Despite the awards show itself being a soulless chorus of nightmares and screams amid one of the most traumatizing times in modern history, there is some good news. We genuinely got some cool reveals and new stuff to appreciate. One of the new things we saw was Star Wars Eclipse.

So far, there is no Star Wars Eclipse release date. The developers or the trailer for the Game Awards gave us nothing extra. You can see that trailer down below. It’s a pretty cool thing to see, and players may be in for a treat.

Being a branching action-adventure game, this new Star Wars games brings the franchise into a much more story-driven experience. It’s a Quantic Dream game, who are a developer riding high after the success of Detroit: Become Human. Various possible cameos from characters like Yoda (or is it) and a droid that might be C-3PO are all over the place. There are glimpses of some very interesting space combat and lightsaber scuffles coming as well. If they manage to one-up their various games, Quantic Dream will be doing a lot better.

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Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic Era, a period of time lasting about two hundred years between 300 BBY and 82 BBY. This is the period just before the rise of the Empire and the Sith. The Jedi are a major force in this time. And judging by what we’ve seen, there is a glimmer of darkness on the horizon that the player will have to confront.

During the Game Awards 2021, we also got an update on what Microsoft has planned for Game Pass.

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