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KOTOR 2 modders add AI-enhanced texture packs


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords otherwise known as KOTOR 2 was the first game from Obsidian Entertainment, who would go on to make Fallout New Vegas and Neverwinter Nights 2. The development of KOTOR 2 was famously rather rushed, having been completed under pressure from publisher Lucasarts in just about 14 months. For context, the first game was made by BioWare in around 3 years of development time. This rushed state led to an incredibly buggy launch where much of the content in the game was left on the cutting room floor.

Modding has been incredibly useful for KOTOR 2, which has consistently made the game much better, bringing it closer to what Obsidian wanted the game to be. Modders have been working steadily to bring that aforementioned cut content back into the game. The last 15 years resulted in the Lost Content Restored Mod, which adds new levels and quests to the RPG.

Another new addition produced by modders includes visual updates. A group of modders has just released a new AI-enhanced texture pack. This mod pack is meant to be included with other alterations to the visuals. Mods included an upscaled version of the Ebon Hawk are part of the pack as well. Players can also get a nice little boost to the quality of character models with another mod. Find all of these mods the Nexus page for this pack.

The modders even released a simple trailer showing how the visuals will impact the game. Check that out down below.

AI-enhanced texture packs are a product of the overall trend of the last few years of using machine learning and similar technology innovations to optimize various tasks at a far faster and more effective pace than normally possible for humans. This particular mod pack upscales textures for levels, buildings and various other in-game elements.

Games have been getting more and more of these packs as of late. Name a classic PC game from the last 10 years or so and it will probably get the treatment at some point. Games from Quake 2 all the way to The Witcher series have all gotten such an upgrade to their visuals. It’s a great way to get newer PC gamers into these older titles.

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