How to craft a Soul Torch in Minecraft

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A Soul Torch is a new type of light source which was introduced to Minecraft with the Nether update. The new item adds both a new light source, although somewhat weaker in terms of output, but also a new mechanic. It puts light out at a range of 12 compared to the 15 of the normal version.  These Torches will also not melt snow and ice either.

Building the Soul Torch is actually very easy. It just needs the same components as a basic torch, with one more addition. Place a unit of Coal/Charcoal in the top slot of the crafting table. Beneath that place 1 Stick of any variety. The final row in the line should be a piece of Soul Soil. This can obviously include more than one unit and you can make multiple stacks if you want. Each recipe makes 4 Soul Torches.

Check out the image below for the layout:

How to craft a Soul Torch in Minecraft

The Soul Soil is the hardest thing to come by. Soul Sand can be found in the sound sand valley biome in the Nether, while Soul Soil can be found at around level 65 in the Nether wastes, at Bastion remnants, or certain regions in the soul sand valley biomes.

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You can also combine a Soul Torch with eight Iron Nuggets to create a Soul Lantern. Along with the Chains, Soul Campfires and other items added in 1.16, there’s a surprising amount of depth to the new additions.

You can also use these things to repel mobs in the Nether. They’re great for setting up a more permanent base there.

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