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What is the maximum trainer level in Pokémon Go?

What is the maximum trainer level in Pokémon Go?

So what is the max trainer level in Pokémon Go? It’s simple, the max trainer level in Pokémon Go is 40. Once you hit that level though, there will be other rewards to earn. Since that signals the beginning of the endgame, many Trainers opt to start chasing after Legendary spawns and the like. But now, that’s about to change.

During Pokémon Go Fest 2020, developer Niantic has revealed they plan to increase the level cap and add new options for progression through the game. The details came out during the final live stream of the event, so details are kind of lacking.

As of now, the cap will stay at 40, but Niantic is working on revamping things behind the scenes. The amount that the cap on the trainer level in Pokémon Go will increase has not been revealed. Some players are choosing to believe that it will go up to 50, but this has not been confirmed.

Currently, there could be some plans in the works to revamp the way players earn XP. This could be needed as the jump from 40 to 50 would be a pretty large gulf. It would take a lot of time investment to hit the new cap if there isn’t some new endgame mechanics to chew on. You earn experience points by completing research tasks, capturing Pokémon, capturing new ones, evolving them, and just generally playing the game, but many want something more.

And that’s not all Niantic chose to reveal. The company also teased that they are working on other new features as well, like Mega evolutions that could be coming as well. For now, players will just have to wait for more news on that front.

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