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The Epic Games Store weekly free titles are Elite Dangerous & World Next Door

The next batch of free games has been dropped onto the Epic Games Store. The new two free games are two very different options. Frontier Developments’ Elite Dangerous is free for starters, followed by he World Next Door, a mystical little puzzler. Both of these are available for free until November 26.

Elite Dangerous is the first of the free games on Epic Games Store this week.  Elite Dangerous is a space exploration sim which offers adventure on a massive scale.  Elite Dangerous is an incredible “little” game about exploring through space. With an incredibly massive portrayal of the universe and hundreds of missions to do, there’s an infinite amount of stuff to explore in this hit Frontier Development game.

And that’s not all, as the game has consistently gotten more content over time. The developers have pushed out various patches and new content, including even massive fleet carriers. The space sim has a ton of multiplayer potential now, and is very much worth a look if you’re interested in the concept. There’s even a rally impressive and immersive VR version of the game too. Future updates will add an entirely new slate of content revolving around exploring planets in the Oddysey expansion.

The second game is very different, as it’s a mix of puzzles, visual novel flair, and cute art. The World Next Door is also free on the Epic Games Store. This game couldn’t be more different from the first game in this week’s bundle. The player takes on the role of Jun, a rather mysterious teen trapped in a strange alternate universe. In her quest to find a way back home Jun encounters a bunch of very weird people, and even forms some friendships with them. The game is a very unique mix of adventure and visual novel that kind of works if you’re after a casual game with flair.

That’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store.

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