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505 Games is making a Monster Rancher-like RPG Re:Legend

Monster Rancher fans rejoice! 505 Games’ is publishing a new RPG called Re:Legend which has many of the same gameplay elements that you lot will love.

Re:Legend came about from a massively successful Kickstarter campaign and is all about taming and raising monsters known as Magnus and enlisting their help in farming, fishing, fighting and other daily tasks.

The delightful mix of Slime Rancher, Stardew Valley is quite charming, and hopefully well worth the wait. Re: Legend is coming to Early Access on Steam for PC in 2018, with additional plans for console releases on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One soon after.

Players journey across Vokka Island in the land of Ethia, while they master various skills and befriends monsters and humans alike. Magnus games is looking to craft a fun and unique adventure for the monster farmer fans of the world. It looks promising judging from the trailer, which you can check out below:

Key Features:

  • Monster-Raising – Raise mythical creatures known as “Magnus”, monsters who live in the land of Ethia, the world where Vokka Island is located. Every Magnus is tamable, aiding players in many ways such as combat, farming, fishing, travelling and much more! They will also grow differently depending on your care.
  • Farming and Cultivating – Players can cultivate the farms of Vokka island to acquire food and materials for the village or themselves. Growing crops is not limited to the land, as the Vokka Island allows players to grow crops and keep exotic fish underwater!
  • Combat – The World of Ethia is filled with dangerous wildlife and combat skills are essential to survive.
    Players can wield weapons of their desire at any given moment, without being restricted by weapon classes. Players can also mount their tamed Magnus and fight through their adventure!
  • Vokka Village – Vokka Village is where new life begins! Befriend local villagers and join exciting festivals to have a good time. Pay attention to their needs and help them out in their daily lives so they can help retrieve lost memories.
  • Life Skills – Practice makes perfect! Players will gain life skills as they practice them frequently. They level-up organically as activities are carried out.
  • Multiplayer – Play with up to four friends and carry out your adventures together!

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