How to change gears in NASCAR 21: Ignition

This new sim racing title is crazy. Players have a much more modern and advanced stimulation to grapple with. The roster of tracks has been rendered pretty faithfully, and the cars are very physics-heavy in terms of simulation impact. but it’s not just that. Many of the drivers have been added to the game as well. The game has a lot going on. The core focus of this launch seems to be hardcore sim-focused fans. With the intense physics at play, competition is fierce, and folks want to have fun. There’s a lot more to just seeing the track around you as well.

This is a process that’s fairly simple once you learn how. To change gears on Nascar 21: Ignition, it depends on your game settings. If you’re on Automatic, you don’t have to worry about manually shifting. Manual players who want the full sim experience will want to make sure to pick the right option. To change your shift settings, here’s what to do.

to the Options in the Main Menu. Once you’ve done that, select Difficulty & Assists. Change the Transmission Type listed at the bottom from Automatic to Manual. That is how you turn the system on, now about how to change gears in NASCAR 21: Ignition.

For each platform. you have two things to remember. Depending on if you’re trying to speed up or slow down, you need to shift up or down, respectively. To change gears you need to be out on the track and in a race. During caution laps and in the pits, you’re often prevented from going over a certain speed or gear.

Here are the buttons you need to remember when trying to change gears in NASCAR 21: Ignition:

  • Shift Up – B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation)
  • Shift Down – Y (for Xbox) or Triangle (for PlayStation)
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