What is the Level Cap in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The level cap in Kingdom Come Deliverance is 30, but there’s a ton of potential in those levels. Thanks to the way stats work in this game there are a few things to worry about. The level cap in Kingdom Come Deliverance refers to your main level, which is like the culmination of all of your different skills.

Each skill and action in this game has a level attached to it. So for example, Combat takes into account Strength, Vitality, weapon skills, and your overall health. Having these at high levels can be done in a variety of ways, and confers a bunch of different bonuses.

The real reason to level up in Kingdom Come Deliverance is so that you can become more powerful, making you more effective in combat and other challenges. The higher your main level, the more you grow in your overall stats, but there’s another layer. For every level in a specific stat, like Herbalism, you also unlock Perks. For Herbalism there’s a very useful Perk called Leg Day, which increases your Strength anytime you also increase your Herbalism stat. This game is loaded with little stat boosts and traits like that, you can really craft Henry into any kind of hero you want him to be.

You can craft any kind of hero you want, or just make Henry a bumbling loser if you want an extreme challenge. The game is clearly built around the idea of surviving by getting more skilled over time, and the stats and perks reflect that. But before you reach the cap, you need to consider some things. There is a lot more to the Perk system than meets the eye.

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For example, the Brute perk grants you a +2 Strength bonus, but a -1 penalty on Charisma and Speech. This Perk can’t be combined with other perks like Juggler without incurring other stat penalties. Basically the game is all about planning your build based on your in-game goals before you’re at the level cap in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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