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Hitman 3 will not feature Ghost Mode, Hitman 2 Ghost Mode servers to shut down

Hitman 3 will not feature Ghost Mode, Hitman 2 Ghost Mode servers to shut down

Ghost Mode is something new added The first player to five points wins. To earn a point, the player must eliminate the current target without being seen. It’s an interesting premise, but apparently it failed to catch on with the player base. IO Interactive has announced that the game mode will not be coming to Hitman 3, and possibly any future games. There will also be a shutdown of the servers for Hitman 2 running the mode.

The mode was introduced in the current game as a mode that put two players into exact copies of the level, and tasked them with ganking a certain target. Each player would race to be the first to five points, meaning five silent takedowns. Whoever wins gets to open special Ghost Crates with a variety of interesting or rare items inside.

“With our focus currently on other areas of the ‘World of Assassination,’ Ghost Mode won’t be featured in Hitman 3,” explained IO Interactive. “We have learnt a hell of a lot from Ghost Mode over the last two years and we’ll be taking all of those learnings onboard for what we do in the future with regards to multiplayer.” The servers for Ghost Mode for Hitman 2 will be offline from August 31, it added, and the Phantom Suit will be included in Hitman 3 as an unlock.

It’s pretty sucky for fans of the mode. But there is some reprieve from the despair of losing a game mode. The new game does have Elusive Targets, Escalations, Contracts Mode, and Sniper Assassin modes. And speaking of Elusive Targets, IO plans to alter the mode in the next game. Exact details haven’t been shared, but the fans are told to expect some changes” in the sequel.

The mode ran for two years in Hitman 2 and will be shut down at the end of August 2020. IO Interactive also intends to shutter the servers for Sniper Assassin for Hitman 2: “we’ll share an exact timeline and a solution to the mode’s multiplayer trophies in the coming months.” So losing these modes in anticipation of the next game sucks, but it does make sense. Players aren’t engaging with it, so why bother spending money on servers?

Hitman 3 is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia in early 2021.

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