What does Impaling in Minecraft do?

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Impaling in Minecraft is one of many offensive enchantments in the game. Impaling is a unique enchantment that can augment the damage done by Tridents. Since these were added to the game, they have been kind of lackluster. This simple enchant adds more base damage, allowing you to harpoon mobs a bit faster. Here’s what to do to get Impaling in Minecraft.

There are a total of five levels, all the way to Impaling V. Each level of Impaling adds 2.5 hearts of extra damage per hit. in Java Edition, it only applies to aquatic mobs. So things like Guardians are susceptible, while Drowned undead are not. But in Bedrock Edition, there are some later patches that apply the damage bonus to all mobs.

So in short, at the maximum level of Impaling V, you can add 12.5 damage, with ranged hits dealing up to 20.5 damage per hit. Melee hits can deal up to 21.5 damage with Impaling in Minecraft.

So how do you get it? Of course, you need an Enchantment Table to make this work. There’s no set way to get the enchantment, as it’s all luck-based. Keep hitting the Enchantment Table until you get the one you want, and you’re good to go. Also, make sure you have the full 15 Bookcases surrounding the table, as that unlocks the full range of enchants.

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XP is one of the highest costs for enchantments, alongside all that Lapus. The Lapus has to be mined or traded for if you’re lucky. Mob grinders are a great way to overcome this hurdle. Impaling V can be pretty hard to get, so you may want to consider a mob grinder.

There are other options though. Try fishing. Just tossing a rod into the water won’t work, as you need to do some prep work to improve those odds.

Get Mending the Lure and Luck of the Sea enchantments on the fishing pole to make fishing for rare drops much faster. If you’re after something like the Aqua Affinity book, this is the way to go. Maybe if you’re out trying to make some Sea Turtle buddies, you might want to try some fishing to get one.

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