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How to watch Destiny 2’s Season of Arrival and Fall expansion reveal

When is the Destiny 2 Season 11 release date?

We are nearing the end of Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2. Tomorrow we’re getting the first news about the Season of Arrival. This is the new season coming this Fall as the next batch of post-launch content. Bungie will be adding in new content like events, weapons and other gear. Players can also expect a bunch of new story content and quests.

The new season will follow the events after the Almighty event and the ending of the current Warsat storyline. We can expect that during the stream Bungie will tease a bunch of new content. We can also expect to hear more about the content and weapons that will be removed when the new season launches.

The stream will occur simultaneously on both the Bungie Youtube channel or Twitch, you can watch wherever you like. Take your pick. The stream revealing the new Fall expansion, Season of Arrival, will be live tomorrow. It begins at 9 AM PDT.

This season has been a very rocky one, to say the least. The volume of Bounty-based content has been kind of grindy and annoying. Many players have nicknamed it “Season of the Bounty” as a result. Hope that Bungie can turn this around with some new styles of events are high.

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The desire for more substantive content has coalesced into a real force for change. Bungie better deliver or players will start leaving in droves. The new story does look to be amping things up at least. It appears as though the Darkness has returned to wreck things. We saw some teases over the last few months, and things look to be getting more serious as their ships have now reappeared.

So as fans have seen, the new story could involve the Drifter once again. Clips have been shown with the Drifter heading for Europa. The Drifter has been working with Eris to figure some things out. We’re going to finally learn just what the heck he has been up to.

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