How to feed Sea Turtles in Minecraft

What and how to feed sea turtles in Minecraft

Sea Turtles are one of many passive mobs in Minecraft. They have their uses, aside from just looking cool. So if you want to keep some as pets you need to know how to take care of them. It’s very similar to other mobs, as they just need some sand to live in, and some water to swim around in. And of course, you need to give them a food source. So the question remains, what do you feed Sea Turtles in Minecraft?

For one thing, you need to know what they eat. Sea Turtles only eat Seagrass in Minecraft, and nothing else. Since they only eat one thing, you can just gather a bunch of it. Seagrass is a non-solid plant block that generates in all oceans, except frozen oceans.

To gather Seagrass, you need Shears to cut it. Make the shears from two Iron Ingots and you’re ready to go. Simply swim around underwater in any ocean area, other than frozen oceans, and cut it when you see it. You will want a potion of Water Breathing for this. As it allows you to spend a lot of time on the bottom of the seabed.

To grow it, use dirt, coarse dirt, sand, red sand, gravel, or clay‌ that is underwater generates seagrass on that block and its surrounding blocks. The water must be two blocks deep, and the water block above must be non-flowing.

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Make sure to stay away from Kelp. Look at what your cursor is on before you grab it. You cannot feed Sea Turtles in Minecraft kelp, they won’t eat it. So spend some time and find plenty of the Seagrass. It may be helpful to try and cultivate a bed of seagrass in a closed-off base nearby. You can also use Seagrass to lure a Sea Turtle to your home base. They don’t need to be in a specific biome as long as they have sand and seawater to live in. Be sure to put a Name Tag on them so they do not despawn when you are away.

Like other mobs, giving them food will both restore health and make them mate. Have two Sea Turtles in Romance Mode and they will lay eggs on a nearby beach.

So why do all this? Aside from keeping them as pets, you can also harvest resources from growing turtles. Like any other passive mob, they can be raised in captivity and culled for their resources. Mods and older versions also had support for different types of aquatic life. The addition of turtle shells allows you to make armor and other items out of that sea life.

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