Black Desert Online is Changing – For The Better

Black Desert Online

BDO has seen it’s fair share of new content over the last few months, and even a fair bit of controversy over “pay-to-win” accusations, but in the next few months the Awakening system will be further expanded. Hopefully, this means a new wave of mechanics will entice more players and better engagement with the game.

Over the coming weeks, the quirky MMO will welcome Vell to its bounds—a “fearsome, gigantic sea monster” that lives in the recently added Margoria area. Said to be “as large as a city” the only way to bring down this beast is to bring your friends. On the characters front, Dine is a Legendary Unicorn that heals his surroundings and therefore might be a good ally in this scenario. This mount also uses a powerful dashing attack in battle.

Incoming updates will also overhaul Black Desert Online’s UI and Guild system, while a new Skill Promotion System will let players link to two pre-awakening combat skill to craft a new one. Black Raptured Dimension is a new wave-based mode which offers powerful loot drops; whereas the new Striker class is a mixture of martial arts and rougher hands-on combat. Combined with the variety of interesting class combinations already in BDO, the Striker looks to add more complexity and fun to the meta-game.

Perhaps the most interesting feature PearlAbyss has in store is its so-called ‘Enhanced Life Skills and Airships’ which will introduce a climbing system. Here’s publisher Kakao Games on what that’s about:

“As part of Black Desert’s already expansive lifeskills, PearlAbyss is developing a climbing system (working title) which will immerse players like never before. Daring players can climb castle walls and scale dangerous cliffs, while looking for scarce ingredients and lost treasure. If mountaineering does not take players high enough it is possible to board one of the new hot air zeppelins. Here players will have a stellar view of Black Desert’s beautiful world. This transport is slow and runs via a set schedule.”

More information on all of the above can be found via the Black Desert Online site.

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