What do the stats mean in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Your stats are very important in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. If you want to be quick in attacks, product massive amounts of damage and so many more factors. It’s easy to incorrectly create your character and find yourself lacking the optimal amount of damage if you’re not putting points into the correct selections. There are many stats you have to keep a track of in the game, and you can check them out on your character sheet. If you’re having trouble figuring out builds and stats in this new ARPG, here’s a guide for you.

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Your character’s ferocity is the first stat on your character sheet. The characters with a higher ferocity have their health return to them much faster over time and they are more likely to land harder critical hits against their opponents. The three scores tied to ferocity are:

  • Health Regeneration: Your character recovers more health each tick with the more health regeneration you have.
  • Attack Critical Chance Score: This number will add up to your character’s critical change and allows them to land a critical hit against their opponent.
  • Spell Critical Chance Score: Similar to the Attack Critical Chance, this stat will increase the chance of landing a critical hit against an opponent, but in this case, with spells.


You will want your character’s toughness stat extremely high if you want your character at the front of the line, going toe to toe with enemies. They need to be able to withstand a couple of blows and shrug it off like its nothing. Toughness affects the following two stats:

  • Health: The available total health of your character is higher with more points, allowing you to take more damage overall.
  • All Resistances Scores: The more your points in this stat, the more your character’s resistance against all damage types that an enemy could use against them.
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For characters who are always moving across a battlefield and who prefer to keep on their toes, you want them to have a high agility score. Agility is also a defensive stat, in addition to being a great factor in how many attacks your character can do. Agility affects these three stats:

  • Dodge Chance Score: Your character has the opportunity to avoid an attack without relying on armor to absorb the damage with a higher dodge chance.
  • Attack Speed Score: How often you can use your weapon is determined by the character’s attack speed and the higher it goes the more often you can unleash it on your enemies.
  • Spell Casting Speed Score: Similar to attack speed. the higher the spell casting speed number is, the more often your character can use damaging spells against your opponents.


Wisdom works in a different way. It determines how well your characters spells can damage their opponents, and the amount of resilience they have against other spells. For example, if you possess a cold spell, the higher ailment chance will give your character a chance to freeze and opponent on an attack. These are the following stats tied to wisdom:

  • Status Ailments Resilience Score: Your character has a lesser chance of taking damage from an opponent’s specific attack and have an effect from any magical effects with a higher ailments resilience score.
  • Attack Status Ailment Chance Score: If your character’s weapon has a magical ailment attached to it, then they have a chance to cause extra damage and effects to their opponents.
  • Spell Status Ailment Chance Score: Similar to the previous stat, this stat determines any magical ailment attacks your spells might have, causing more damage to your opponents.
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