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New Code Vein trailers showcase special attacks

Code Vein E3 Gameplay Trailers

A pair of new trailers for the upcoming ARPG Code Vein have been released. This marks the third and fourth trailers released for the game. We’ve covered the game previously, so check that out if want to learn more.

Each of these trailers shows off a particular in-game ability, either Hounds or Ivy depending on the trailer. Hounds is an attack that summons blood-soaked demonic hounds which can stun and throw enemies. Ivy plunges into the ground and emerges under the enemy’s feet, striking them from below in a really sneaky manner.

And it isn’t just the player that gets access to these cool blood abilities friendly NPCs and enemies have the same pool of abilities.

In terms of other gameplay elements, the game will also feature online co-op and is being billed as “anime Dark Souls”. You can see more of that gameplay in some E3 2018 footage from IGN below.

Bandai Namco is developing the action RPG for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Code Vein will launch in Japan on September 27th, followed by the western release one day later on September 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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