How to get the Almighty event Seraph Wings emblem in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 players have finally overcome the Almighty. This terrifying enemy has been plaguing the solar system for some time. As part of the Seraph towers storyline, The Almighty has been lumbering around and sewing chaos. The massive ship was destroyed by repeated attacks from various Warsats that players helped in various ways. The remains of the giant ship have now crashed to Earth.

Players were also treated to a massive spectacle when it crashed. The hulk of a ship smashed into the ground nearby to the Tower and sent a huge shockwave washing over the area. Those gathered around to watch the crash got a pretty big wakeup call. To commemorate the event, all Destiny 2 players have been rewarded with an Almighty event Seraph Wings emblem.

Lucky for all players, you didn’t have to be there at the time of the crash to get the emblem. To get the Almighty event Seraph Wings emblem in Destiny 2, head to the Tower. Go to where Zavala regularly stands, you’ll find a new gash in the structure. Interact with the gash, and the game should credit you the emblem.

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Be sure to get it ASAP, as we don’t know how long Bungie will leave this stuff in place. You don’t want to miss out on the reward if you want it.

Expect more stuff to be brought into Destiny 2 over the coming months. As Bungie adds more and more content to the game, hopefully they can avoid some of the problems of recent releases. A lot of players felt recent in-game events were too grindy. We’re inclined to agree with that.

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