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Where to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem

Temtem Guide: How to get the Cowards Cloak

Temtem is a very fun game. The massive open world, hundreds of monsters and tons of players to battle and trade with is a blast. There’s also tons of hidden content and locales to explore. It’s basically the dream for any fan of Pokémon. But progressing through the story and defeating the Dojo Tamers can be a bit of a pain if you’re a bit underleveled. Leveling works just like in the game that inspired Temtem though, just take on battles to get stronger. Since there is not a direct EXP Share in Temtem though, leveling can be a slog. There is another option though that’s similar. Here’s how to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem.

The unique feature of Temtem is that it is an online adventure, and with tons of players roving about looking to brawl, you will want every advantage you can get to come out on top and prove you’re the best Tamer. That means grinding, and we’re about to show you how to speed up grinding with the Coward’s Cloak. First you will need the Surfboard. Head over and read our guide on how to get the Surfboard in Temtem to find out how to do that. Once you have that squared away, you’re ready to begin.

Head back to the Windward Fort, the same place where you found Sophia to get her to come back to the Dojo. Head out and look near the Gifted Bridges if you forgot. There, head back out, down to the basement down the two stairs, and away from the service area, towards the left side of the Sillaro River.

Head out into the water in this area, being on the lookout for a tiny group of islands. These islands will be near the spiral route towards the center of the river’s flow. There will be NPCs that you need to defeat. These NPCs were guarding a small treasure haul in various chests. Contained within one of the chests is your prize, the Coward’s Cloak.

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If you’re the more visual type of learner, here’s a video guide on how to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem.

If you’re one of those new players in Temtem, you might be a little lost. If you’re having trouble grasping game mechanics, we have some help for you. Temtem is a monster collecting game very similar to Pokémon, so the there’s the need for a type weakness guide. There’s also a guide on the Starter Temtems. Other questions have arisen in the launch as well. Such as how you can play Temtem offline.

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