Someone did a dumb thing, Miniluv responded


System of Juunigaishi is often regarded as just another highsec midpoint, nothing remarkable usually occurs there.  The only major point of note about the system is it’s proximity to the popular transport/ganking hub of Uedama.  Today, that proximity spelled doom for one unlucky freighter pilot.  That pilot was Effei Gloom who according to their history has been with EVE most of it’s 10+ year life.  A remarkable achievement for any player.

Today however, may well be the worst thing that could have happened to them.  While transporting a Fenrir freighter through high sec, the player made the decision to haul a wealth of Researched BPOs in the cargo bay.  Among these was a Basilisk BPO.  All T2 BPOs have hefty price tags due to rarity.  But only a few have extreme costs due to usefulness.  The Basilisk falls into the former category, as it’s value as a useful ship is limited.  Estimates put the highest price points for this BPO as near the cost of a fit Titan.

Being the opportunistic lads that they are, CODE. and Miniluv seized upon the opportunity.  And in short order dropped a set of gank-fit Talos’ and Catalysts on the freighter.  Burning it down and praying to BoB for a gift from the loot fairy.

Their faith was rewarded. . .

The sale of these BPOs will not doubt fund the operations of both entities in the future.  Attempts to interview Effei Gloom were met with demands for ISK compensation.  As such, no interview has as of yet been obtained by media sources in New Eden.

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