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THQ Nordic confirms development of new Saints Row, Metro games

THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic has been on a roll recently, pushing out tons of new games and snapping up rival studios left and right to work on said new games. If it’s not snapping up forgotten but popular IPs, now the mega-publisher is announcing new games in beloved franchises.

The newest announcement from THQ Nordic comes in the form of two new games. Speaking at a THQ Nordic investors conference, CEO Lars Wingefors confirmed that Saints Row is “well into development” by Volition. He also said that 4A Games are already working on the next Metro title.

Both these series’ have been through some rough terrain over the last few years though, and it’s hard to ignore the influence those instances will have on these new games.

Metro Exodus only came out this year, but it had its fair share of controversy. The game was looking great, until a wave of backlash exploded, once again caused by Epic Games. This backlash was sparked by the announcement that Epic and publisher Deep Silver had inked a deal to make the PC version exclusive to the fledgling Epic Games Store. Many gamers point to this deal as a sore spot, even citing it as a reason for not buying the game due to how the whole thing was handled. The publisher even reversed this deal earlier this year when it moved to the Windows Store on PC. Currently, it sits at 82% on Metacritic.

Saints Row as a franchise is regarded by some fans as having phoned it in past Saints Row: The Third. The fourth game in the franchise was originally supposed to be  DLC, but was later expanded into a full game, some gamers got a sour taste over this change, feeling like the latest entries in the wacky shooter series were rushed and lazy. Despite this though, the last two mainline games in the Saints Row series enjoy a 84% and an 86% score on Metacritic respectively.

So whatever these new games are, they have some ground to make up with hardcore fans.

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