How to get Climbing Equipment in Green Hell

How to get Climbing Equipment in Green Hell

Green Hell being a survival game brings all the typical trappings to the gameplay. You will need to find and cook food, and that means fire. These jungle environs are not too hospitable, so you want to find a way to light your path to survival. You also need to gather supplies to make weapons and other tools. And beyond the basic items, there’s tons of hidden stuff to find. The game is positively full of hidden items that actually help the player with their survival.

One of the first things you will notice is that you’re kind of restricted in your movement. Even something as simple as climbing trees is not possible, at least at the beginning of the game. To climb up or down in Green Hell, players need to find a certain item. You normally can’t just jump over big gaps between cliffs and the like. But as you progress through the game, you will unlock some new options to help you out.

How to get Climbing Equipment in Green Hell

Although not mandatory to obtain, the Climbing Equipment will be very helpful if you plan to fully explore. The Climbing Equipment in Green Hell come be found a bit later in the game. You will need to head to the Airport to find it. You will need to head there first. You can use the Wristwatch GPS and go to the coordinates: 28W, 22S, if you’re having trouble finding it.

There’s a small metal shed with some blue gas tanks outside of it. Head inside and look for the bench near the back. The Climbing gear is found sitting pretty much out in the open on a workbench. Along with the Climbing Equipment, there is also a map of the area in the same shed. Look for it on a nearby shelf.

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Once you have it, you can press E on any climbable surface to begin climbing. This can be helpful for getting on top of cliffs. The developer has done a good job of adding new features as time goes on. With future updates, we can expect a bunch more stuff to come about for this game.

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