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Total War WARHAMMER 2 – Introducing… War Hydra


Total War: Warhammer 2 is getting closer and Creative Assembly is releasing more details about another faction in the game. This time the focus is on a specific – and very powerful – unit belonging to the Dark Elves, the Hydra. War Hydras are the result of magical alteration of an already fearsome beast by the evil and cunning Dark Elves. Hidden away in the Obsidian Peaks of Naggaroth the Dark Elves manipulate the genes of these creatures using dark enchantments and the corrupting Winds of Chaos to create the ultimate fighting beast. This monstrosity can gobble up enemy units with all five of it’s heads, and you’ll need some serious firepower to bring it down.

Along with that, there’s a fifth (of eight) part of the ongoing ritual leading to a full reveal of Skaven as the game’s fourth faction. If you’re still keeping tabs, the latest word to fill in is ‘Warpstone’ and will unlock another short video (if you have a free Total War Access account) featuring red eyes in the darkness. Thirteen red eyes, as it happens.

The Order Serpentis make great use of monsters within their armies. The War Hydra is notoriously difficult to slay, as each time a foe chops off one of its many fire breathing heads another swiftly grows back in its place.

If you want to have a look at that. Total War: Warhammer 2 is coming to PC on 28 September. For the full Dark Elf unit roster, click here. For more on Warhammer 2 in general, have a look over here.

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