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During a livestream earlier in the week, CA  showed off a whole slew of details for the High Elf army that’s coming soon to Total War: Warhammer 2. The livestream introduced players to the full roster of High Elves, as well as some of their in-game mechanics. The intelligent, brave and equally arrogant High Elves will be shooting their way into Total War: Warhammer 2 sometime this year.

The leaders of the High Elf armies, twin brothers Tyrion and Teclis lead vastly different lives and are suited to different destinies altogether. Both brothers are afflicted with the curse of Aenarion. And while the two manifest this affliction in different ways, it’s clear that their fates are being influenced by it. As for character traits, Tyrion is the brash young warrior, who if not for his talent in battle, would have been ostracized long ago for his impulsive nature by other Elven nobles. Teclis has become a wise and powerful mage, and while the curse has physically drained him of strength, his magical prowess is nearly unmatched. Teclis definitely compares favorable to his brother in terms of tact as well.

The twins also differ greatly in their strategic outlook. Where Tyrion sees the protection of Ulthuan as his chief duty, Teclis seeks to safeguard the whole world. On the battlefield, these two combined would be a fearsome and neigh unstoppable force of destruction.

The age and wealth of the High Elf empire makes it able to field powerful armies and navies. It’s naval prowess allows High Elves to command the seas for both trade and strategic boons. Now, here’s the recap video you probably clicked on this post for. Be sure to scroll down if you want to see a full written recap of the unit roster for High Elf armies.


Generic Lords
Melee Lord Prince. Mounts: Foot, Barded Ithilmar Steed, Great Eagle, Sun Dragon, Star Dragon
Missile Lord Princess. Mounts: Foot, Elven Steed, Great Eagle, Moon Dragon, Star Dragon

Melee/Magic Hero Loremaster of Hoeth. Mounts: Foot This unit is akin to it’s 8th edition variant from the tabletop game.
Caster Hero Mage. Mounts: N/A
Melee Hero Noble. Mounts: Foot, Barded Ithilmar Steed, Ithilmar Chariot, Great Eagle

Melee Infantry
White Lions of Chrace (Tier 2 unit) – Great-axes and Lion Cloak that protects from missile fire
Swordmasters of Hoeth (Tier 3 unit) – Greatswords, vulnerable to ranged fire
Phoenix Guard – Elite Unit, Halberds
*Gate Guard – Mentioned as special garrison infantry, will probably only appear in new Fortress Gate siege maps

Missile Infantry
Archers – Basic ranged infantry
Lothern Sea Guard – Less range on their bows, but come with a spear for cavalry protection
Lothern Sea Guard (Shields) – As above, plus Tower Shields

These Lothern Sea Guard are some of the best skirmishers in the game, use them for effective blunting of cavalry.

Melee Cavalry
Silver Helms – Mid-tier heavy cavalry, faster knights
Dragon Princes – Heavy cavalry, resistant to various damage types
Ellyrian Reavers – Light cavalry, only unit type with Vanguard deployment in the High Elf roster

Missile Cavalry
Ellyrian Reaver Archers – Like the melee version, but with bows (also have Vanguard)

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower – Two fire modes, Wide Spread and Focus Fire

Tiranoc Chariot (Missile) – Long range artillery-like unit for burst damage against single target
Ithilmar Chariot (Melee) – Heavily armored tank-like unit

Melee Monsters
(Flying) Flamespyre Phoenix – Wake of Fire ability akin to Gyrocopter bombing, can revive when health drops too low
(Flying) Frostheart Phoenix – Blizzard Aura acts as debuff on attackers
(Flying) Great Eagle – Likely similar to Wood Elf variant
(Flying) Sun Dragon – Smallest, youngest dragon variant
(Flying) Moon Dragon – Mid-tier dragon, more fire damage
(Flying) Star Dragon – Best dragon in the game, able to break the toughest armored units

Each dragon will also have a unique breath attack, and their stat difference will hopefully make them more effective within the multiplayer meta, assuming they’re buffed sufficiently. The Phoenix units will rely on gaining more magic to utilize it’s best abilities. This means a high amount of spellcasting will weaken the Phoenix units.

A few Lord units and Hero-level casters, as well as griffin units and some melee units for High Elves are missing from the primary roster reveal. Although there is still hope for these units being used for free or paid DLC. It’s likely that the various Lords and Queen units that are missing may appear as DLC  in Total War: Warhammer 2.

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