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Blight League going core in Path of Exile

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

Blight League, and Path of Exile 3.8, were pretty successful. The fight against the fungal monstrosity, and the quest for those sweet Oils, led many players back into the lands of Wraeclast and the best ARPG out there. It was a good time to be a POE fan. For those reasons, Blight will, unsurprisingly, be making it into the core game. The switch over to limited mechanic will happen when MetaMorph League begins on December 13th, but not in the way we know it now.

Performance issues have plagued Blight League since its debut, with players across all three POE platforms blaming the increased volume of on-screen enemies and effects for slowdowns and crashes. Grinding Gear Games has been issuing patches since launch to mitigate problems, but the developer admits to lingering issues. For this reason, Blight League as a core mechanic will be limited to PC next month. GGG will polish the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game in future patches, before deploying Blight systems to those consoles.

Also, the mechanics for Blight League will not appear from the beginning of your adventures in Path of Exile 3.9. The spawns of Blight encounters will be restricted to the endgame with Maps, and only spawning 10% of the time. Although to compensate, every Blight encounter is guaranteed to drop at least one Blighted Map or Oil.

Grinding Gear Games is steadily building momentum until the launch of Path of Exile 3.9 in less than two weeks. They just announced the new Supporter Packs. The developer also revealed new Support Gems+, more powerful Support Gems. GGG has also revealed details for the new mapping system in 3.9. Conquerors of the Atlas will bring a whole new Atlas and mapping system ahead of the anticipated launch of Path of Exile 2. Along with that new expansions comes a full rework of ranged skills, especially for bow-based skills.

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