How to farm Divining Scrolls in Genshin Impact

Where to find Liben in Genshin Impact

Divining Scrolls in Genshin Impact are a simple item, but very useful. Some characters that use Divining Scrolls are Klee and Barbara, as they both use these for upgrading. Divining Scrolls, Sealed Scrolls, and Forbidden Curse Scrolls all belong in this class of items, and all drop from monsters of various kinds. You can find Divining Scrolls in both Mondstadt and Liyue, pretty easily in fact if you know where to look.

Divining Scrolls will drop from Samchurls, the caster enemies you find all over the game. You will need the to ascend your characters and weapons, so let’s talk about where to find them.

You can also head around the map and start farming Ascension materials like Whopperflower nectar, along with the likes of Glaze Lily and Slime Condensate, If you’re on the hunt for some other resources like Wolfhook, we’ve got you covered. For ores, there’s Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade which you will need throughout the game.

Where to find Divining Scrolls in Genshin Impact

These items are all over the map, but most of drop off of samachurls that you beat in battle. Find these mysterious beasts and take them out to get all the Divining Scrolls in Genshin Impact you could ever need,

So where do you find samachurls? There are spawns all over the place but a couple of places can be the best spots to look. If you’re in the region of Mondstadt, the best place to find them is around the teleporter locations in Brightcrown Mountains. There are several spawns of these casters there you can farm if you can take on the enemies there.

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They spawn in both regions of Tevyat though, so don’t worry about only having a few spawns to work with. Liyue has much better farming spots, so head there once you can.

Mingyun Village Farm Route: 5 Samachurls

Use this map below to find the spawns. The red box denotes Mingyun Village, head there to the teleporters marked. Start running along the two blue lines to find 5 of the beasts.

You will also notice that the map marks an orange area across the broken bridge in the Guili Plains. This area has another batch of mobs. You will need to have the teleporters at the Wangshu Inn unlocked to get here quickly, but there are plenty more mobs here to farm Divining Scrolls in Genshin Impact.

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