How to go to Business School in Bitlife

How to become a pilot in BitLife – Airline captain guide

BitLife is a digital life sim that lays out infinite paths ahead of the player. The game includes a few advanced careers that require you to put effort into getting an advanced degree. You will need to complete these to get into higher-paying careers, like being a CEO or Doctor. You will need to get through the basics of schooling, and then earn your way into University. This can be done via either a scholarship or paid for directly. The added cost of getting into University means that many players will want to take this route.

You can take on either an academic scholarship or an athletic one. The path you choose will depend on the character you want to make, or the challenge you’re trying to complete. There are many different tasks and achievements you can complete to earn rewards, so keep those in mind when picking your path. Whatever you’ve decided to do, you then need to stick to it. Getting into Business School in BitLife will take some time. Keep reading to learn the exact steps you need to take.

How to get into Business School In BitLife

Business School is one of the possible education paths you can take on once you complete your initial University degree. These advanced degrees are all throughout the game. Business Degrees must be completed after you finish University, but you want to do some prep work first.

You need relatively high stats in the Smarts category to do well. You can get these via the manual or forced method. If you have the God Mode addon, create a character with already high smarts for the best possible outcome. The manual method involves reading books and visiting the Library via the Mind & Body tab as much as you can. This will make getting the scholarship and getting through the school much easier.

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Now you just need to grind away. Get through High School first. Keep studying and reading to keep your Smarts up. When you graduate, you should be given the option to continue your education. You can also find the option in the Occupation tab, under Continue Education. When you graduate from the university, you will get an option to seek higher education; click the University option on the Education menu.

Once you spend four years in University, you should be good to go. Once you graduate, you have the option to continue your education again. Choose to do so, and pick Business School. Spend two more years to wrap this up.

Now, you can grind your way to that CEO position in the corporate job field. You can also become a stockbroker and get super rich.

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