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Stellaris Apocalypse DLC gets new trailer

You’ll have a whole new range of destructive toys to play with in Stellaris‘ Apocalypse DLC, when it comes out later this month. To rev up the hype train, Paradox have released a new feature trailer to discuss how some of the new mechanics work for the DLC.

Aggressive and Pacifist players will both receive new techs that will enable their chosen play style to stand strong against their enemies. Some players can use the PlanetCracker to destroy enemy planets, other players can create Shielded worlds by erecting an impassable shield around a planet.

The headline feature here is the Colossus, a massive supercapital ship that’s more akin to the Death Star than it is a Star Destroyer. There’s also the Titan, which for the sake of clarity already exists as a mod to Stellaris in the NSC mod, but this new ship class can destroy a battleship in one shot. There are Ion Cannons that can disable these massive warships as well.

Elsewhere, Moregård explores the expansion’s Unity Ambitions, and Wormholes and Gateways.These new additions to Stellaris in 2.0 will massively change the game.


Stellaris: Apocalypse is due February 22. More information can be found via its Steam page.

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